Selasa, 31 Juli 2012

Funny Bunny Wallpapers

Do you like rabbits? Here are some pictures rabbit that you can use as wallpaper on your computer.
Photos of this rabbit are all cute and funny.
Please choose which one you like from the wallpapers rabbit, or a collection of items was allowed.

Free Wallpaper Ducati Valentino Rossi

Like the MotoGP racer at birth 16 February 1979 like me...?  This time I will share a set of Ducati GP12 Wallpaper Collection 2012.
Which since the 2011 season dubbed The Doctor is riding a motorcycle desmosedici GP12.
Valentino rossi was born to be a racer, because he grew up in the environment is very supportlive of her career is going. Since joining the Ducati team with Nicky Hayden, who has a number of motorcycle rider was 46 until now has not received a satisfactory performance result.
According to Rossi Desmosedici GP12 is stil much to be done improvisation on the bike package

Free Wallpapers Funny

This time I want to up the cute wallpapers, this wallpapers I found on the internet.
Maybe you think the the wallpaper is not funny, but if you intend to take please, right click and save.

Wallpapers For Android

This time I want to up the cool wallpaper for Android mobile phone is more trendy recently, 1x1 trans Android Cool Wallpaper (HD).
How to use easy enough, if you use your computer please download the pictures (right click, save image) and move it to memory phone with bluetooth or data cable. If you already use mobile phone pictures save lives in the folder that is easy to find.

The following is a wallpaper for Android