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Free Wallpaper Uchiha Sasuke

 Sasuke Uchiha is a fictional character from the comic and anime Naruto. Sasuke's first name, said to have originated from the name of a legendary ninja, Sarutobi Sasuke. As for his last name, "Uchiha" is read as "uchiwa", or "paper fan" (fan made of paper). In the days of ancient Japan, uchiwa is often used in royal ceremonies, as souvenirs, or used to protect soldiers from attack arrows. But according to the philosophy of the Naruto comic, "uchiwa" is a fan that is able to rekindle the embers of a fire, which describes the ability of the Uchiha clan capable menggemblang their offspring to become a great ninja.

In the series Naruto, Sasuke is a ninja genius from a prominent clan in Konoha, the Uchiha. Uchiha clan known as the Sharingan particular lineages, as well as their ability to master the element of fire. This clan is also a major contribution as security forces Konoha. Like most members of the Uchiha clan, Sasuke Chakra leads to the element of fire, but he can also manipulate electrical elements, as he showed when performing jutsu Chidori. Sasuke also managed to master the jutsu Amaterasu he can from his older brother, Itachi Uchiha.

I have pictures Sasuke Uchiha, this picture I got from the internet, quite make collections.


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