Sabtu, 22 September 2012

No glove lost between Friedel and Barthez

Brad Friedel took to Twitter on Friday to defend himself against comments made by Fabien Barthez regarding new Tottenham signing Hugo Lloris.

"He [Lloris] is faster than Friedel, he jumps higher, and he is very strong mentally," the former Manchester United man said. "What is happening now is incomprehensible, but I am not concerned. He will become the centre-piece for the club."

Exasperated by the former France shot-stopper, the American launched a counterattack on the social networking site.

"Just saw Barthez comments," Friedel wrote. "I normally don't comment on such crap, but when disrespected by someone I don't respect I must.

"Barthez was ignorant, disrespectful and out of order to mention my name."

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